3 Secrets to Making the Perfect Shake or Smoothie



Want to know a secret? Making perfect, creamy, delicious, yet healthy smoothies and shakes is ridiculously simple. I almost feel like a criminal writing this post – almost. But also, I feel like your friend. Your friend who cares enough to want to share this with you, so that you too can have mornings chock-full of smoothie and shake perfection.

So, what are these three secrets? Without further drama, here we go:

1. You’re so sweet, you don’t need any sugar! That’s right, you’re already sweet enough. There is never any good reason to add sugar (or even natural sweeteners) to a shake or smoothie. However, you do want your creamy drinks to be delicious and sweet, right? No problem. Here’s the secret – are you ready?? Perfect frozen bananas. When you have a ripe, frozen banana in your shake or smoothie, you’ll have creaminess and sweetness in the perfect amount – along with a hefty dose of fiber and potassium! How to create the perfect frozen banana? Simple. Just peel a very ripe banana (make sure there are lots of brown spots), then place in an airtight bag. Freeze overnight. Bam! Smoothie perfection awaits.

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2. Add just enough liquid. Every blender is different, so there is no standard amount of liquid to use in smoothies or shakes. For smoothies, you’ll be adding juices, water, and/or coconut water. For creamy shakes, you’ll be using nondairy milks (or just whole nuts with water) for a thick milkshake effect. Be sure to add the liquids slowly, after all else is in the blender, to ensure you have the perfect consistency. Add just enough to blend.

3. Simple can be delicious. One of our favorite shakes has just two ingredients. TWO. And you know what’s even more mind-blowing? It’s absolutely delectable! Every single person I’ve ever served it to has raved about how creamy and delicious it is – and can’t believe it contains zero sweeteners. What’s in it, you want to know? Well, you probably guessed the first ingredient – ripe, frozen bananas. The second ingredient is unsweetened vanilla almond milk – which you’ll want to add to the blender until (you guessed it) it’s just enough liquid to blend. Keep it thick and creamy. And there you’ll have it – the perfect healthy vanilla milkshake!

What’s your favorite smoothie or shake tip? 

Tess Challis is a cookbook author, chef, and the co-founder of Get Waisted. She’s also a smoothie/shake junkie and can be found traveling across the country, but never without her Vitamix and a stash of ripening bananas.

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