4 Ways to Fine Tune Your Spirituality


By Tess Challis

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Although I’m not Catholic, I’ve been told that Lent is when we’re asked to fine tune our spirituality. No matter what your religion or belief system, I love this idea! What better focus could you have than to get in touch with your deepest essence – what makes you happy, what brings you peace, and what fills your heart with joyfulness.

In this busy busy world and life, we all too often (myself included) get caught up in the trivial stuff. We forget the deeper purpose of why we’re here, and what amazingness we’re capable of. Let’s take this opportunity (heck, ANY opportunity!) to fine tune our spirituality and to get in touch with our wise inner self. I’ve personally been working hard on my spiritual side for a few decades now (suffering in life will push you to do that, eh?), and have found a few things that work very well.

These practices work wonderfully to not only fine tune your spirituality, but also to cope in a positive, effective way with anything life throws at you. When you focus on your inner self and emphasize the importance of being the best YOU no matter what, things have a way of working out. Life gets better. Our spiritual practice is also practical! Practice-practical, see what I did there? Truth! It really is. Try these four tips and see for yourself!

Fine tune tip #1: Begin a meditation practice. Nothing will tune you right up like meditation! Don’t know how? That’s OK! You can begin by just sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on your breathing. Take a few moments to observe your thoughts, and see them from a non-judgmental perspective. Next, see your whole body being filled with sparkling light – from your toes up to the top of your head. As you continue to put time into a meditation practice, you’ll discover new ways to enjoy and expand your practice. 

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Fine tune tip #2: Take a time-out. No, I’m not trying to make you feel like a five-year-old who just wrote on the wall with crayons. You can make time-outs your awesome new friend! Even when you have a busy day, you can still take five minutes here or there. Sneak away, even just for one minute, to take a deep breath, relax your body, and become open to a higher perspective. I’ll tell you what, if you take those few minutes you’ll be amazed at how much more productive and focused you become!

Fine tune tip #3: Look in the mirror every night. Before you go to bed each evening, take just a few minutes to look at yourself in the mirror. Gaze into your beautiful eyes and see all of the reasons why you’re so lovable. Yes, you may be inclined to notice your “flaws” as well – we all do that to ourselves. But move past it, K?? See the beauty, because it’s definitely there! When you get into the habit of “mirror love” you’ll find it to be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself!

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Fine tune tip #4: Find your happy thoughts. In other words, get yo-self an affirmation! Also called a “mantra,” an affirmation is something positive you think in your mind to counteract any negative thoughts. How do you come up with your perfect affirmation? You can use something like “I love myself and I approve of myself.” Or, you can become aware of some of the negative thoughts you’re thinking, then create an affirmation based on the opposite of that. For example, if you catch yourself thinking “I can’t get in control of my life,” then turn it around with an affirmation! Instead, begin to repeat (as often as possible) something like “I am totally alert, totally aware, and in control on all levels.” Even just a few affirmations per day will start to create a positive ripple effect in your life!

What tip resonates with you the most? Start there – and pu-leeeze don’t worry about being perfect or getting it “right” – Just try it!! If you just begin a good thing, it will take shape and continue to empower you! XOXO! 

Tess Challis is the co-founder of Get Waisted, and has found these tips to be oh-so-helpful in making life better, even when things aren’t always peachy. She created the “From the Inside Out” portion of the GW program, available in the membership and director programs. 

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