5 Simple Swaps Lead to Big Things!

Does the whole thought of losing weight and changing your lifestyle just seem monumental and overwhelming to you? I really understand that. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I’ve helped so many people feel better and look their best with Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

Thinking about a huge lifestyle modification with some powerful thoughts, like doing major drastic changes, exercising all the time, eating right all the time, seems like it’s going to be such a great thing to do. You embrace the changes: “I’m going to quick smoking, I’m going to stop drinking, I’m going to eat better, I’m going to spend more time with my kids. I’m going to exercise an hour a day.” After a week, the whole transition, in its totality, is so crazy, huge, and ridiculous that all of it just gets dumped out, and it seems like too much.

Was it overwhelming? Did you have to quit? I really understand all those sentiments. I really want to encourage you. You never have to be 100%. You could always take a few simple switches and create some outstanding outcomes just by making some shifts, by leaning a little bit, just by making a few swaps.

Let me give you some ideas for 5 great swaps.

Remember, there are tons of support and more ideas for swaps at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

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  1. If you eat grilled cheese sandwiches, something that’s warm and kind of creamy, think about a bean burrito. Bean burritos are a good, different package of food than what you’re getting from a dairy-filled grilled cheese sandwich. Consider adding that to your program.
  2. Get meatloaf out, and replace it with rice and beans. Rice and beans are super healthy, nourishing, great whole foods that are going to get you right on track and have you feeling fantastic in no time.
  3. Replace your chicken with garbanzo beans. Virtually any recipe that contains chicken can be shifted to a garbanzo bean containing recipe. Suddenly, you’re looking and feeling so much better on that high fiber, complex carbohydrate, and low inflammatory protein modification.
  4. Replace beef with black beans. If you’re thinking about reducing your carbon footprint and you’re wondering what to replace your beef with, that’s simple. Replace beef with black beans. Suddenly you have really healthy, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, super good proteins, that are also super high in fiber. You get the best selection you can imagine.
  5. What would you enter here for the 5th healthy swap? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Don’t kill yourself struggling and suffering and being so frustrated that you must be 100% at everything, or you’re not really accomplishing anything. Because, you know what? None of us are. Just focus on being a little bit better. Focus on a few simple, healthy swaps, and you’re going to be so grateful and happy at the little changes that you see. It’s the little things that count.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton



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