5 Treats for the Perfect Easter Basket


It’s that time again – when we start plotting what to put in our kiddo’s Easter baskets. So fun!! For me, this means a vegan Easter basket, as my daughter has eschewed animal products all her life. Fortunately, there are lots of fabulous options just as good (or, ahem, better) than their counterparts.

Here are my top five tried and true options – please let me know if you have any favorites that didn’t make the list!

These adorable little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs from VeganEssentials are the perfect cheep (sorry, couldn’t resist) addition to your basket at only .69 each!


You won’t hear a peep of complaints when you dish up these oh-so-adorable vegan marshmallow bunnies/chicks from Sweet and Sara! I’m ordering mine just as soon as I hit “publish” on this post!



Your basket isn’t complete without a chocolate bunny or two – here’s a cutie from Lake Champlain Chocolates:


If you want to give your chocolate bunny something to nibble on, there’s even a chocolate carrot, also from Lake Champlain Chocolates!


Pangea (a great online store) has these great vegan jelly beans for all your Easter basket needs.


To assemble your Easter basket perfection, get a cute basket (most thrift stores have some if you’re on a budget) and fill it with some of that shiny fake grass (perfect for digging through to find displaced jelly beans). Put your treats in the basket, hide the basket somewhere clever/obvious, and then…..boom! Party time!

What’s in your Easter basket?

Tess Challis is the co-founder of Get Waisted, and a chef and cookbook author. Her daughter isn’t allowed to see this post until April 6th. 

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