A Tea Tutorial!


Get the Greatest Tea for You!

If you enjoy sweet drinks, give the herbal teas a try. Fruity teas with the first ingredient of hibiscus are loaded with antioxidants, but are also sweet, and make an easy transition away from excessive sugary drinks to a more grown-up style and flavor while still really hitting that sweet tooth.

Consider these teas for extra special effects on your system:

Defense: Strengthen your defenses against cold and flu with vitamin C-rich teas made from white teas plus citrus and spices. White tea with blackberry leaves, lime, pineapple, and orange help protect you from colds and flu.

Purify: For hydrated, glowing skin, sip teas blended with jasmine and citrus. These teas brighten and clarify your skin and keep it properly hydrated and plumped up.

Rejuvenate: If you need more energy, get more get-up-and go, with your hydration with black tea, add herbal mate, ginger, or a pinch of black pepper. Tea is the original energy drink. Teas made for perking you up include spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Recover: Bounce right back with detoxifying combinations of vitamin C, green tea, mint, and hibiscus. These teas will detox deliciously with the bright flavors of citrus fruits and nuts. Green teas contain vitamin C, and hibiscus teas have high antioxidant properties that help your body’s natural cleansing functions happen as they should.

Rev it up: Boost your metabolism with energizing actions of black, oolong, and green tea blends that include tropical notes such as juicy mango or passionfruit bits to help support and maintain healthy metabolism.

Comfort yourself: The original comfort food, tea balances your being with ginger, feel-good warmth in your hands, and mint for soothing coolness. If you’re feeling unsettled, ginger, lemon and hibiscus soothe while spearmint and peppermint lend a sweet uplifting note.

De-stress: Find time to unwind with the calming qualities of chamomile, rose petals, or lavender. You can create a relaxing ritual with gentle flavors of botanicals like chamomile, rosehips, and orange blossom petals that are known for their mellow ways.


Posted on by Mary Clifton, MD

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