Alcohol helps you live longer??



Tom, our San Francisco-Based Get Waisted Coach, sheds a little light on the science in his article below.

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Drinking Dos and Donts

Responsible use of alcohol is not boring. It’s essential as you take the wheel and drive your own life. Drinking is undeniably accepted, encouraged and even celebrated in our society, but there are risks, especially for women.

Here are some tips for having fun and also staying safe.

DON’T: Drive drunk. Who wants a drunk driving conviction on their record, or, much worse, cause an accident that kills or injures someone?

DO: Keep your drink near you all the time, and keep your hand playing with the rim or covering the top of your glass, so it’s harder for someone to refill you or pass something into your glass without you knowing it.

DON’T: Mix alcohol with stimulant drinks like Red Bull. Mixing the two can boost the risk of a heart episode. Reuters reported in 2008 that just one can of Red Bull increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, even among youth, according to research from the Cardiovascular Research Centre. The drink has been banned in Uruguay, France, Denmark and Norway.

DO: Switch to drinking out of a can or bottle when under a lot of pressure to drink more. Then you can dump your can in the bathroom toilet and fill it with water.

DON’T: Drink more than one drink an hour. Your body can’t process it, and you’ll get way too much alcohol along with all the subsequent negative outcomes.

DO: Buddy up. Your friends are there to help keep you safe when you may not be able to stand up for yourself, and vice versa.

DON’T: Get drunk. Alcohol and drugs invariably dampen judgment levels, from driving, to whom you have sex with. A Harvard School of Public Health study showed that 72% of rape victims were intoxicated at the time of their assault. Simply put, it’s hard to defend yourself or use your best judgment when drunk or passed out.

DO: Distract yourself from the drinking games if you’re getting too much alcohol. Choose a different game, go to the bathroom and return to a different part of a party, or settle into a conversation with someone.



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