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Dr. Mary Clifton practices Internal Medicine in Duluth Minnesota. Seven years ago, she was forced to examine her lifestyle when she was diagnosed with prediabetes and elevated cholesterol, despite exercising vigorously and being at ideal body weight. With just a few simple changes to her diet, Dr. Mary’s blood sugar returned to normal and has stayed there for seven years. She also shaved 70 points off her cholesterol. Since making these changes for herself, she’s helped thousands of others get healthier and stronger by changing their diet and lifestyle.

What about a Soda Stream?

If you’re cutting back on food, but you’re still not losing weight, it might be because you’re drinking too many calories. Read More

Stop it! You are Listening!

Truly, my girlfriend reminds me that when I say these things to myself, I’m the person that hears them, and that I’m the person that responds to all that negativity. So, if you’re feeling like you’re just not getting through, and you’re frustrated, and down on yourself; don’t forget, you’re listening! Read More

Give Into Cravings!

Are you a person who just craves delicious foods occasionally, and you struggle with keeping them 100% out of your diet? Oh my gosh, I am totally with you. I am Dr. Mary Clifton, the founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. I’m here to share with you scientifically backed ways to lose weight and improve your intimacy. Read More

Controlling Binge Eating.

Do you ever find yourself binge eating? I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, I’m the internal medicine doctor, founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, and we’ve helped thousands of people lose weight … Read More

Eat Less at Mealtimes?

I hope you’re enjoying our series on scientifically proven ways to lose weight. I am really enjoying bringing this information to you. You can get even more information at  … Read More

Boost a Sluggish Metabolism With One Simple Trick

Are you looking for easy ways to jumpstart a sluggish metabolism? I have a great tip for you. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton and I’ve helped a lot of people lose … Read More

Tempted? Look away!

Are you tempted to eat really yummy food when you see it? Does looking at it just make you want to eat it? I have a couple of great tips … Read More

Make Your Dentist and Your Scale Happy!

Are you looking for a healthy, flavorful way to distract yourself when you’re getting hungry so you don’t eat more food? I love healthy distractions. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton. I … Read More

Could this One Drink Prevent You from Losing Weight?

Have you cut way back on your solid food intake at meal times and snack times, but you’re still not losing weight? I have a great idea for you. I’m … Read More

5 Simple Swaps Lead to Big Things!

Does the whole thought of losing weight and changing your lifestyle just seem monumental and overwhelming to you? I really understand that. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I’ve helped so … Read More

Boost A Sluggish Metabolism With Spices

Do you have a problem with a sluggish metabolism? I have a great tip for you. I also have a special bonus tip. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, the founder Dr. … Read More

Add Healthy Fats?

Have you been thinking that you want to avoid fat to try to lose weight? Add some healthy fats to maintain a healthy weight. – Tweet this! Add some healthy … Read More

Avoid Mindless Eating- Eat Out Instead.

Are you having trouble losing weight even though you’re making great choices with all your meals during the day? I have something that may help you. Let me tell you … Read More

Crave Crunch? Choose Raw Vegetables.

Do you crave crunchy foods? I think everybody does. I want to give you some great advice on what to do with crunchy food cravings, and a few tips on … Read More

Choose Proteins to Make You Feel Full?

Are you thinking about adding some great healthy protein to your diet? That’s a really good idea. Studies show that adding more protein increases satiety, so you’ll feel fuller. Do … Read More

Do You Have Trouble Managing Your Sweet Tooth?

Do you have trouble managing your sweet tooth? I do, too. I have some great reasons why you should manage your sweet tooth. I also have a couple of terrific … Read More

6 Great Snacking Ideas

Have you ever started snacking and then just found that you couldn’t stop? Suddenly, before you know it, you’ve eaten a ton more food than you expected to! All of … Read More

My Kitchen Gadgets.

Hi, everyone. I’m so glad to have another chance to visit with you. One thing I just can’t stand is cooking and getting gross garlic smell all over my hands; … Read More

Juice As A Meal Replacement?

I want to just help you think about how to position fruit juices in your diet in a way that isn’t going to take your diet apart, but instead really … Read More

Are you protected from excessive sun exposure? Vitamin D

It’s getting to be that time of year again, thank goodness, where we’re going to be able to go outside and lay on our towels or chaise lounges to enjoy … Read More

Get Graduated!

Thank you, for your interest in my new book “Get Graduated”. What would you give a graduating senior? Probably your best gift is the gift of your advice, but that … Read More


How to do 2-3 minutes of very functional meditation. – Tweet this! This all goes back to my dad. He meditated every morning, but he never called it meditation. He … Read More

4 Simple Healthy Swaps.

I’ve been thinking about healthy alternatives, a lot. Not about making any crazy dramatic life changes; just small swaps here and there that Make you feel good. Give you the … Read More

How are you going to control your cravings?

What are you going to do about controlling your cravings? Especially when you’re changing your diet. It is sometimes so hard not to eat the foods that you would like … Read More

Not Hungry for Breakfast? Don’t Eat It!

Have you been trying to lose weight by making sure you get a good breakfast to start your day, but you don’t feel like that’s necessarily helping? You’re probably not … Read More

Whatever Goes Down Must Come Back Up.

Does what go down always have to come back up? Are you just doomed to regain the weight you lost after you had a significant weight loss? No, not really. … Read More

National Weight Control Registry.

This site offers information from a study of people who have successfully lost at least 30 pounds and maintained the loss for at least a year. What works. Read More

Bottomless Bowls Lead to Bigger Bottoms.

We’ve talked a lot here about visual cues, like using a smaller plate, or putting the food away after you serve the food on your plate, or even drinking from … Read More

Genital Herpes Treatment.

It’s easy to treat your genital herpes to control the condition, reduce the frequency of outbreaks and shorten the duration and intensity of an outbreak, and reduce your risk of … Read More

Low Inflammatory and Greatly Affordable.

Have you ever decided that you’re going to make a lot of changes to create great outcomes for yourself and your family? I know exactly how this feel. If you … Read More

Treating Cold Sores.

Are you feeling that itching and burning of a cold sore coming on, and you want to prevent it from getting worse? I don’t blame you. There are a few … Read More

Preventing Cold Sores.

I bet in addition to treating your cold sores, you’d like to know how to prevent a cold sore in the first place. Well, I have some tips for you. … Read More

9 Tips for Weight Loss

1. Swear off fad diets I just saw another patient this week who swore off carbs four weeks ago; he lost 10 and then presented with rectal bleeding from hemorrhoids! … Read More

Dining out with your friends

====================== Remember to Alkalinize Remember your best friend in anti-aging and cancer prevention, alkalinity. You’ll get a full tummy on French fries, but you’ll get loaded with acid. Meats and … Read More

Your diet and acidosis

=================== After years of figuring out simple methods that work for busy people, it all comes down to your acidic Western diet affecting your body in a negative way. Changing … Read More

Are you sleepwalking through life?

=========================== Take Dr. Mary’s sleep quiz to find out just how well you’re sleeping at night, and what you can do to start getting the ZZZs you need.   In … Read More

Steps ahead… and don’t forget to make time to exercise!

  =================== Steps ahead As you progress beyond your 28 Day Reset Revolution, be sure that you continue to set aside some time each weekend for scheduling and planning. Write … Read More


=================== Which foods are likely to be most troublesome? Every one of the following food groups harbors substances that can be fermented by the bacteria in your digestive tract, causing … Read More

Getting to know your fats

=================== What About Nuts and Oils? Consume a Handful of Nuts and a Teaspoon of Oil Every Day What is the appropriate amount and type of fat people should get … Read More

Sugar, fats, and fruits

==================== Sugars and fats In his book, The End of Obesity, David Kessler talks about the powerfully addictive effects of sugar, salt and fat. But people don’t crave sugar. When … Read More

Proteins, proteins, everywhere…

  =================== It’s OK to eat less meat Cutting back on meat sounds much more appealing to my patients than giving up meat completely. Extensive research supports that eating animal … Read More

The power of green! And white…

===================== A Greens Glossary A wide variety of winter greens are at their best in the cold weather season, when chilly temps produce slightly sweeter leaves. Now is the time … Read More

Sunday Inspiration – Live longer, and happier!

  ======================= SUNDAY INSPIRATION: Cut your risk of cancer while you lose weight. The Oxford arm of the European Prospective Investigations Into Cancer (EPIC) has released a report showing that … Read More

Your perfect Reset Revolution starts with YOU!

============================== Turning the Big Resolution into Small Doable Steps Get More Sleep: Move bedtime back just 15 minutes one day a week, then make another shift. Most people do perfectly … Read More

Antioxidants – Nature’s healers

  ============================ TOP FOODS WITH THE MOST ANTIOXIDANTS Antioxidants can be found in all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those with the colorful skins: purple, blue, red, orange, … Read More

Alcohol helps you live longer??   =============== Tom, our San Francisco-Based Get Waisted Coach, sheds a little light on the science in his article below. INSERT TOM”S GREAT ARTICLE HERE and sell the … Read More

Got acne?

=========================== Hormone fluctuations during the teen years boost the body’s manufacture of sebum, the waxy stuff that seeps through your pores to keep your hair and skin lubricated and protected. … Read More

A Tea Tutorial!

============== Get the Greatest Tea for You! If you enjoy sweet drinks, give the herbal teas a try. Fruity teas with the first ingredient of hibiscus are loaded with antioxidants, … Read More

Let’s make sure you hydrate!

================== How well do you know hydration? Find out with this true/false quiz! For optimum health, drink 8 glasses of water per day. False. Though water is inexpensive, other liquids … Read More

Best food choices from restaurants and markets

============== The increase in consumption of whole grains and beans is primarily the result of everyone eating just a little bit better. Having healthy options available at venues that are … Read More

How to fail

============== SKIP THE SHAME Shame -> Innovation Shame and embarrassment block innovation. Have you gained five pounds, blown a presentation, or tried a new healthy recipe that turned out gross? … Read More

Healthy relationships

How Healthy Are Your Relationships? This quiz will help you discover any of the ways you’re not engaging in healthy relationships so you can make positive changes. Your best friend … Read More

Who’s in your tribe? (And why you need one)

  ==================================== Eating Tribal “Tribal eating” means sharing food with people you would consider to be in your tribe. For me, that means going to the doctor’s dining room for … Read More

Feeling a bit stressed? Here’s how to shift that!

4 Ways to DeStress and Center Yourself When you are incredibly busy, it’s very easy to get caught up in the trivial stuff of life. When this happens to me, … Read More

How to Get Real, Rejuvenating Sleep!

  ======================== Get better sleep tonight. Here’s Dr. Mary’s Tips to Better Sleep (some of these you know by heart, and some are really good new pieces of data from … Read More

Get Up and Move!

  ============================== Fitting in Fitness – Eight Great Ways to Make it Happen! You’ve probably heard this way too many times: “Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.” … Read More

Hunting and Gathering

  ======================== Cooking Dinner When I have time, I’m not too tired and I have all the ingredients I need, cooking dinner for myself and my family is one of … Read More

The Way the World Eats to Lose Weight

This is the first email I’ve sent for a few months, and I’ve been inconsistent with email all year. I made a promise to myself to those of you who … Read More

My Laptop Said I Have Brain Cancer

By Sean Cordry, GW Morristown, TN Director Ok. Right here, right now, I’m going on-record to admit that I am a major information junkie and a minor hypochondriac. If I get a … Read More

The Effects of Spicy Food

According to a new study from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard, T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, people who eat spicy foods nearly every … Read More

Hydrating During a Run and Everyday

I ran my first marathon this spring after doing most of my training in the cold, rainy spring of northern Minnesota.  I suppose now that I’ve run a marathon and … Read More

How Well Do You Know Hydration?

Find out with our True/False quiz. 1. For optimum health, drink 8 glasses of water per day.   False. Though water is inexpensive, other liquids will also hydrate individuals, and … Read More

What I Ate After the Marathon

After I ran 33,000 steps a few weeks ago, I knew exactly what I was going to eat. In Burlington, Vermont, there’s a restaurant called The Skinny Pancake, full of … Read More

It’s Miller Time!

We spend a lot of time here talking about what to eat, but there’s also a worthwhile discussion surrounding what to drink and how it affects your health. Large population … Read More

4 Steps to Quieting Negative Thinking

The difference between sitting on the couch and heading out for a good run begins with your mind. Your body will follow your mind. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, … Read More

Prevent Back Pain in 3 Easy Steps

30% of Americans complain of low back pain at some point in their lives, and for many of us, low back issues are a chronic condition. I suffered with low … Read More

My Marathon

Just ten days ago, I ran my first marathon. I ran the entire race in a little over 5 hours, right next to Mark the entire time.  There couldn’t be … Read More

School is out. Summer is in.

What happens when the school doors close for the summer? Research shows: Our kids gain weight two to three times faster during the summer than during the school year. It … Read More

From the Lab Bench: Good Food, Good Grades

By Sean Cordry, GW Morristown Tennessee Director It seems intuitively obvious – at least to some of us – that what goes into our kids’ mouths will affect what comes … Read More

3 Reasons Why You’re Sabotaging Yourself – and How to Stop

Self-sabotage. It’s something many of us are guilty of – but few of us know what to do about it. Self-sabotage can be the reason why you’re not succeeding – … Read More

Chasing 1, And 50

For the last couple of years I’ve been intermittently writing my Chasing 50 column. Most of you know I’ve been trying to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. … Read More

Remembering with Food on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, I’d like to suggest a new twist on remembering your loved ones – and it’s all about celebrating their memory through food traditions. I’d like to share something personal with … Read More

How to Cure the Mange and Scab of Small Children

Oats are recognized worldwide as an excellent source of complete protein, with 11 grams of protein in a one cup serving and a marvelous 8 grams of dietary fiber – … Read More

Getting a Round Tuit

By Tom Buescher, GW San Francisco Director How many times have we said to ourselves and others that we’ll do something when we “get around to it?” Well, here you go: … Read More

Stepmoms and Mother’s Day

There are 15 million U.S. stepmothers who have stepchildren under the age of 18. Preparing this article about the trials and rewards of stepmothering reminded me of preparing to start a diet. … Read More

Beans – the Closest Tie to Longevity

Beans are the most consistent dietary link among people who thrive in different populations around the world. Consuming beans as a regular source of protein appears to extend your life and add … Read More

10 Things to Serve at Your Healthy Cinco de Mayo Party!

It’s that time of year again – the time we remember how healthy avocados are by eating too much guacamole and chips. Well, this year why not enjoy a healthy, … Read More

What did Brenda eat today?

Brenda Davis, registered dietitian, is a leader in her field and an internationally acclaimed speaker. She is co-author of nine vegetarian and vegan nutrition classics: Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition, Becoming … Read More

Transform Nope to Hope

By GW Morristown, TN Director Sean Cordry Samantha’s eyes just barely peek over the countertop. With face-scrunching effort, she extends her arm over the counter, armpit to edge, reaching as far as … Read More

A Body in Motion

By Rene’ Steelman, Platinum Director, Get Waisted Northwest  The current fitness revolution has created quite a conundrum. It seems like it’s no longer enough to be healthy, flexible, and within an acceptable … Read More

Can You Make a Difference on Earth Day?

Hint: Yes. Across Europe, Asia, and Africa, bread and noodles are staples that feed the world. More than half of US grain is fed to animals, rather than being consumed by … Read More

“What I Ate Today” by Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey is the indefatigable editor-in-chief of Vegan Health and Fitness. Here’s what she eats all day while she’s building an international vegan fitness magazine. First of all, everything is … Read More

Why Balance Will Help you Lose Weight: 4 Key Steps

By Sean Cordry, Get Waisted Director in Morristown, TN We know that weight control is about balancing the energy from the food we eat with the energy that we expend … Read More

Chasing 50 – POI-sed for success

Before I start putting all of my attention towards next week’s Boston Marathon, I need to focus on a little 5K that is being run Saturday night. Every year I take … Read More

3 Secrets to Making the Perfect Shake or Smoothie

Want to know a secret? Making perfect, creamy, delicious, yet healthy smoothies and shakes is ridiculously simple. I almost feel like a criminal writing this post – almost. But also, … Read More

Spring – The Season of Possibility

By Anastacia Norris, Get Waisted Grand Traverse Director Change. Four quarters for a dollar. Five singles for a five. Lose ten pounds. Lose a habit that no longer serves you. … Read More

Chasing 50 (Wicked Fast Runah)

My 49th marathon will be in Boston, on April 20th. Normally I try to finish my running articles in airports or hotels, the evening before a race. Between work and finding … Read More

Bunnies and Jelly Beans and Peeps…Oh My!

By GW Director Tom Buescher It is now spring, and Easter is upon us!  Chocolate eggs and bunnies, and jelly beans, lurk behind every corner, often in shamelessly seductive clothing. … Read More

5 Treats for the Perfect Easter Basket

It’s that time again – when we start plotting what to put in our kiddo’s Easter baskets. So fun!! For me, this means a vegan Easter basket, as my daughter … Read More

5 Ways to Spring to Life!

Just today I was outside clearing away the dead branches of winter so that new life could peep up. Yes, peep. It’s springtime!! Can you believe it? The mere sight … Read More

Spears to your health!

Asparagus is so crazy good for you. One extra large fat-free spear contains a gram of fiber, and weighs in at just 5 calories. It’s also a good source of … Read More

St Patrick’s Paleo

Paleo on St. Patrick’s Day! Low calorie, high protein, high fiber greens are a paleo staple that will rock your St. Pat’s party. Green leafy vegetables reduce risk of cardiovascular … Read More

Five Ways to Get Lucky

Do you ever wonder how some people get so lucky? They just seem to flow through life – problems and all – happier, and with that extra bit of luck and … Read More

Saving Daylight in the Kitchen

Need some ways to save time in the kitch? Want to cook up a healthy lifestyle, but not sure how to fit it into your busy schedule? Here are some … Read More

Chasing 50 – My Race Calendar

In one week I plan to hit the road, as marathon season starts ramping up, again. Next week I’m heading to South Carolina for the Run Hard Marathon, in Columbia. The … Read More

9 Surprising Sources of Non-Dairy Calcium

There’s a number of good reasons to avoid milk. It contains saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, lactose sugar, and frequent traces of contamination with blood or pus. Some people just don’t feel … Read More

Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work (4 Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Your Community)

  I can’t believe I’m even writing that statement in 2015, but after watching the Oscars with Mary and hearing Patricia Arquette’s passionate plea for equal pay for women, I’m inspired. … Read More

5 Ways to Make things Creamy Without Dairy

  Whether you’ve seen Cowspiracy or Vegucated, read Dr. Mary’s article, or simply have a dairy allergy, you may be looking for some delicious dairy-free alternatives. If ditching dairy is a … Read More

Avoiding Mercury

By Dr. Mary Clifton On vacation this week, I’ve finally had time to dive into Slow Death by Rubber Duck, a surprisingly depressing little book about the chemicals in our … Read More

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