Boost a Sluggish Metabolism With One Simple Trick

Are you looking for easy ways to jumpstart a sluggish metabolism?

I have a great tip for you. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton and I’ve helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight with healthy, plant-based nutrition; I’m ready to help you, too. If you’re thinking about losing weight and you want to increase your metabolic rate; that’s scientifically described as increasing your resting energy expenditure.

There are great studies that show that:

Simply by hydrating appropriately, you’ll increase your resting energy expenditure. Tweet this!

The science isn’t exactly clear as to why this is happening. It is may simply be because you’re increasing your kidney’s activity to help you to filter water and to create urine; that burns a few calories.

Each individual cell works better when the metabolism is appropriately supported

with enough fluid.

However, you slice it, all you must do is drink an appropriate amount of water to be much more energy efficient and burn more calories, with no other change.

At a bare minimum, every single day drink six to eight cups of water. Tweet this!

That’s a bare minimum. If you do any exertional activity, if it’s warm outside, you should really think about expanding that number. We have calculations on the website for how to get the appropriate amount of fluid. I think you should get started in drinking water and other high antioxidant drinks all day long, starting today.

Thanks so much for listening. More tips to come. 

If you have any questions and comments, anything you want to talk about, contact me at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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