Boost A Sluggish Metabolism With Spices

Do you have a problem with a sluggish metabolism? I have a great tip for you. I also have a special bonus tip. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, the founder Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, and I want to tell you how you could boost your sluggish metabolism.

Healthy fats are super important for boosting a sluggish metabolism. – Tweet this!

Here’s how it works. When you’re choosing really great, healthy fats, they incorporate into the cell membranes of all of your beautiful cells, all across your gorgeous body. Each one of those cell membranes becomes a little sloppier in how they communicate with other cells. That’s because healthy fats are slipperier and a little softer- not quite as hard and firm as unhealthy fats.

When they’re incorporated into the cell walls, it makes the cell walls a little squishier and a little more “leaky”. Those cells then have to work a little harder at maintaining appropriate levels of iron, internally versus externally, like sodium and potassium. When each individual cell is working a little harder; at the end of the day, all of that little extra work boosts your metabolism a little bit because everybody’s working a little harder. That’s one way that eating a terrific, healthy diet incorporating healthy fats gets you super healthy.

Add some cayenne pepper to your diet. – Tweet this!

Cayenne is amazing at boosting your metabolism. We know about other metabolism boosting spices that I reviewed in Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, but cayenne pepper is probably the one that has the best research behind it. In addition to boosting your metabolism, it cuts cravings for fatty, sweet, or salty foods.

What I love about hot pepper is I can use it anywhere. Obviously, you can use it in hot food if you’re cooking Cajun style or Indian food, but I actually put just a little bit of it in basically everything I make. I think it wakes up the flavor of an ordinary vegetable soup or a little bit of brown rice and hummus. If it’s mixed in, you really aren’t even aware that you’re eating it, but you’re getting this great, “awake” flavor sensation when you eat, where your foods taste more flavorful. 

Spices are boosting a sluggish metabolism. Tweet this!

What’s my pro tip? I want to share with you an especially great product that I created. It’s a Metabolic Support Dietary Supplement that is available through my Get Waisted products through Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. You’re going to love it because it’s designed with all kinds of herbs and spices that not only are loaded with antiaging antioxidants, but they’re also terrific at boosting that sluggish metabolism and getting you popping forward on those weight loss goals.

If you have a sluggish metabolism as your problem, there are a million great solutions: Leading the way- healthy fats, really great high antioxidant spices like cayenne pepper – more spices are reviewed at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. Finally, consider a supplement. My Metabolic Support Supplement works great. They help you feel better, look better, and reach your goals a little quicker.

If you have any questions and comments, anything you want to talk about, contact me at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton


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