Bottomless Bowls Lead to Bigger Bottoms.


We’ve talked a lot here about visual cues, like using a smaller plate, or putting the food away after you serve the food on your plate, or even drinking from a tall, skinny glass instead of a short glass to try to decrease calorie consumption, but does any of that really work?

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton. I’m the founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. I’m here to tell you, yes, absolutely, unequivocally. Let me share a really great, super smart study that helped to prove it. The study was published in 2005. It was a study of 44 participants who were given soup, in basically a really cool, bottomless bowl. The bowls were self-filling, so the participants weren’t able to assess the typical visual cue that they had eaten enough soup and that the bowl of soup was done, and they could stop eating.

In fact, when participants were fed with this self-refilling, bottomless bowl, they actually ate 73% more soup than when they were eating out of an ordinary bowl, and they didn’t feel any fuller.

They didn’t even notice that they had eaten more. So does it make sense to do all these visual cues? Use a smaller plate? Use a taller glass? Do all these things to make it look like there’s more food in the space, and allow you to eat less, and then feel like you’ve completed your meal? Absolutely!

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Do all of those things. It’s not going add up in a day, but in the end of a week, in the end of a month, in the end of year, it’s going to make a big contribution to your overall weight loss and your health.

Here’s to your health.

Here’s the science:

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Dr. Mary Clifton

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