Controlling Binge Eating.

Do you ever find yourself binge eating? I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, I’m the internal medicine doctor, founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, and we’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthier on a super good, plant based diet.

If you’re a binge eater you might feel like that’s a really unusual behavior, but you might also be thinking that some of your eating patterns could qualify you as a binge eater even if you don’t really have a diagnosed eating disorder.

Actually, that’s very common. A lot of people will eat in sort of a binge pattern. For example, you have a big container of Oreos, or a big container of potato chips that initially tastes good. You ate too many, and then you decide, “I’m just gonna eat the rest, so that it’s gone, and I don’t get into it again.” That may seem like very strange behavior, but in fact a lot of people have that type of binge eating.

Then, a lot of people have a problem of trying to eat something healthy after eating a large amount of unhealthy stuff. So if you’ve ever eaten all those Oreos, and eaten all of those potato chips, and then circled back and eaten a bag of baby carrots, to sort of reverse that eating, or make up for that bad eating, believe me, you’re not alone.

Mindfulness and using mind-body interactions appears to be significant and very valuable for reducing that binge eating that relates to chronic stress.

Doing a mindfulness meditation has the potential to impact your energy psychology! – Tweet this!  

Using a mindfulness meditation, the way that you eat, and the way that the food is consumed, is changed for you.

Go to Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, we have a lot of great ideas on the program. I’ll see you over there, and I’m going to include my free meditation that I designed for everyone, to just use and work with, so that you can try to bring some mindfulness back into your eating, and control your stress, through these mind-body interactions. I hope you get control and you feel better, and I hope I get to keep helping you, at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. See you there!

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