Crave Crunch? Choose Raw Vegetables.

Do you crave crunchy foods? I think everybody does.

I want to give you some great advice on what to do with crunchy food cravings, and a few tips on how to keep yourself away from unhealthy crunchy foods. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I’ve helped a bunch of people lose weight and feel fantastic on great nutrition.

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Whenever you’re eating fried food, you destabilize the oils, and any health benefit that you might get from a healthy fat is virtually eliminated with frying. Additionally, the concentration of calories is too intense. Thinking about eating something crunchy? The crunchiest foods in the natural, high nutrient, low fat food program that’s going to help you maintain your weight, are raw fruits and vegetables.

If you are sick or stressed, like the way I am at two in the afternoon after I’ve worked all morning seeing patients; very tired and maybe a little frustrated, or perhaps the way you are after you’ve done your job, or managed your home, and you’re getting tired; those middle of the afternoon times when you think you need something crunchy like chips or crackers, you need a high nutrient dense, healthy food instead!

Your body’s asking you for crunchy food because of the stress, and because your body knows that the very best, healthiest food you can give it is… raw vegetables!

Instead of giving your body a bunch of crackers, or a bunch of chips when you’re feeling stressed at two in the afternoon, give your body exactly what it’s asking for.

Avoid frying food. Manage that crunch craving by playing the game with raw fruits and vegetables. That will give you what your body craves when you’re stressing, without giving you any of those dangerous, high heat level, oil fried foods.

I hope that this is great advice for you. I know that level of stress that comes on in the middle of the day, provides so much frustration, and leads us to reach for those chips or crackers. I really want you to avoid that, and just switch that craving for crunch away from fried, and away from unhealthy, high fat, and move it all over to delicious, healthy, raw vegetables.

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Try it, and just see how amazing it works for you, for your stress, and for those cravings. Do you have any other great ideas for managing that afternoon stress, or other great suggestions for replacing fried crunchy with something healthy and crunchy?. Come see me at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

If you have any questions and comments, anything you want to talk about, contact me at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton


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