Five Ways to Get Lucky



Do you ever wonder how some people get so lucky? They just seem to flow through life – problems and all – happier, and with that extra bit of luck and grace. Here’s the problem – all too often, we think it’s some sort of fluke. We make the mistake of thinking there’s nothing we can do to make ourselves just as lucky. The truth is that anyone can begin to turn their luck around and become enviably lucky in life. How? Here are my simple, effective five tips:

1. Be kind to everyone – no exceptions! When you treat every person you meet with kindness, understanding, and respect it makes all the difference. Let’s just take a simple restaurant experience as an example here. If you’re one of those people who tips appropriately well, is kind to your server, and makes your dinner companions feel appreciated, you’re much more likely to have good service and a great meal. A lucky experience. On the other hand, if you’re crabby, demeaning to the wait staff, and too difficult to please, you’ll probably get upset with how unlucky you are at restaurants. “I never get good service!”

2. BELIEVE you deserve the best. It’s all too common that people block themselves from positive, “lucky” experiences due to their own limiting beliefs. If you don’t believe you deserve good things, you’re subconsciously making it impossible for them to show up in your life. This is true for all areas in your life! If you feel you’re lacking in some aspect, the first thing to do is examine your beliefs around it. See if you’re open to the best and if you feel you deserve what you truly want. Believing is the first step to achieving!

3. Help others and take joy in their success. There’s a famous quote about success happening when you help enough other people make it to the top. If you’re happy (instead of jealous) when you see others receiving good in their lives, it will make you more magnetic to positive things too. I recommend having an attitude that finds joy in the success and happiness of others. Help others when you can, and anytime it makes sense for you to do so. Be a positive force in other people’s lives and it can’t help but come back to you, multiplied! You lucky thing!

4. Choose an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is kind of magic. Actually, not kind ofit’s full on magic. The more grateful you can feel every day, the more you’ll see good things happening in your life. What you focus on is what will expand for you. If you focus on all of the good in your life (which are always there for everyone), instead of the challenges (which are also always there for everyone), you’re making a powerful choice.

5. Plant lots of happy seeds. Life is like a garden. You plant seeds, nurture them, and watch them grow. Every seed you plant matters, even if it doesn’t sprout right away. Keep planting those positive seeds and your garden will indeed blossom! Every day, you have a choice of what you will plant in your garden. You can plant seeds of health, eating great food, exercising, being grateful, helping others and feeling happy for their success, and working hard at what you love. Even if you don’t see results immediately, they will come. Be patient and know that you’re becoming luckier every day you plant those seeds! Try it!

Tess Challis is the co-founder of Get Waisted, and generally considers herself to be pretty lucky. To enjoy more articles like these (from our “From the Inside Out” portion of our program, join now!). 

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