Fruit and Weight Loss?

Hey, have you all been standing at the grocery store like I have. It looks like a dog gone beauty pageant. It looks so good, and you think, ‘I can’t even eat this.” All I think about is how sugar is so bad for you, and it’s not safe for me to eat too much fruit.

I want to reassure you today. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the new research with fruit and diabetes that showed that eating fruit had no relationship with the development of diabetes. There are diabetics that eat fruit regularly that have no complications with neurovascular complication from diabetes like numb feet, heart disease and stroke.

I was really wondering about fruit and weight loss because I don’t have diabetes, and one thing I really want to do is keep myself trim as I get older. Harvard also published other data involving 125,000 people aged 27 to 65 that they followed over 25 years, and they found that if people ate only one fruit or vegetable every day, each portion resulted in a weight reduction of a quarter pound for every five-year period that the patients were monitored. So, you think like a quarter pound weight loss with one serving of fruit or vegetables a day, who cares? That’s not any weight loss, and I agree with you. You know what? Nobody lost a huge pile of weight, but nobody’s really trying to. It’s just health-related data.

If you’re trying to lose weight, that’s a different matter. If you are trying to maintain weight, trying to stay super healthy and as strong as you can be, you’re going to do a great job if you eat plenty of fruit. Because let’s face it, the people that aren’t eating the fruit were gaining at least a quarter pound a year more. The average person is gaining somewhere between five to seven pounds a year through their 30’s and 50’s. By the time that adds up to 100 extra pounds at 50, they’re diabetic, hypertensive, have high cholesterol and feel horrible.

Simply by eating fruit at the five a day plan, could result in weight maintenance or weight reduction over the course of the next 20 years.  Tweet this!

If you do nothing else, the fruit is going be super good for you. The complex carbohydrates in the fruit are linked up with a lot of fiber. It’s loaded with healthy phyto-nutrients, so you feel really nourished after you eat it. On top of that, the food is going to crowd out other things that you really don’t want on your plate. Something else that you might have chosen for example, eating a fruit instead of eating a bakery item.

Fruit isn’t a whole beneficial, but the avoidance of the other sweets that you would thinking about getting into is beneficial for you too.  Tweet this!

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I’m headed to the Cloisters this afternoon here in Manhattan. It’s a museum that specializes in medieval art which I didn’t even know existed up in Washington Heights, up at the highest point on the island, the furthest distance you can get from the financial district. So I’m going hop in a taxi and go see some beautiful art today. I brought a couple of juices and pieces of whole fruit to enjoy on my picnic blanket after I’m done.

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