Genital Herpes Treatment.


It’s easy to treat your genital herpes to control the condition, reduce the frequency of outbreaks and shorten the duration and intensity of an outbreak, and reduce your risk of transition to a sexual partner.

Three million new cases of genital herpes are diagnosed each year.Tweet this!

Remember that not all herpes sores occur in the area covered by a condom.Tweet this!

It is possible to use a condom for protection against certain sexually transmitted diseases, but it’s not going to necessarily protect you against the transmission of herpes.

The best way to protect yourself from getting herpes from sexual partners is to, of course not have sex, or to be in a monogamous relationship with an STD negative partner (a partner who’s tested negative for Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

When you go to your doctor for a diagnosis of herpes, a sample can be taken from a sore, or the doctor can sometimes do a blood test to determine what your risks are and if you are in fact infected with the virus.

There is no cure, but we have treatment that can shorten the duration and intensity of the symptoms, prevent the frequency of the symptoms from coming on, or prevent the transmission to a partner.

Taken daily, it’s at least less likely to transmit to a partner.

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