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Thank you, for your interest in my new book “Get Graduated”.

What would you give a graduating senior? Probably your best gift is the gift of your advice, but that advice really needs to come wrapped in a beautiful package. Your graduate is the center of your life and is about to become the driver of his/her own life. This is precisely why I wrote my book “Get Graduated.”

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton and I’ve compiled several articles from a group of experts. This book is loaded with great advice on everything from how to eat healthy, how to get enough sleep, how to manage friendship and relationship, how to keep yourself safe when it comes to sex and protect against sexual assault. It also offers great insights on the position of alcohol in your life. “Get Graduated” has advice on caffeine and supplements, and staying healthy; maintaining a great state of mind, trusting your intuition around new people when you’re making new decisions.

This book is the handbook to a life that begins with a powerful understanding of what we eat and how we think. It’s because of those two things that your graduate will have a starting point to health and wealth that can’t be beat. From the first word to the last, I know that this book will be the gift of a lifetime. Please, join us in striving to bring the very best health to your loved ones.

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Thank you, for joining me.

Dr. Mary Clifton


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