Give Into Cravings!

Of all the tips that I’ve shared with you on our scientifically backed ways to lose weight, this tip has to be one of my personal favorites.

It is okay to give into your cravings. Tweet this!

Are you a person who just craves delicious foods occasionally, and you struggle with keeping them 100% out of your diet? Oh my gosh, I am totally with you. I am Dr. Mary Clifton, the founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. I’m here to share with you scientifically backed ways to lose weight and improve your intimacy.

This is one of my favorite weight loss tips because I’m telling you so many of us suffer and fight with the fact that we’re trying to avoid certain foods. In trying to avoid the 100% we end putting ourselves in these terrible situations where we just feel like we can’t ever do them.

Do you know what the studies show, repeatedly? Forbidden foods are more attractive.  Tweet this!

Sometimes it’s okay to do an elimination diet. Then, sometimes it’s perfectly okay to take that eliminated food and just bring it back in and enjoy eliminated food occasionally.

That’s the whole concept between Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution and other programs because my program is specifically designed to allow you to enjoy your forbidden foods in an appropriate ratio that’s going to keep you super healthy, strong, and help you lose weight, but also prevent you from going into crazy binge eating because you’ve eliminated a food that you just really would like to have now and then.

Do you get cravings that you just can’t get over? Well, occasionally, give into them. Tweet this!

I’m so happy to share this point with you. It’s such a great recommendation.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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