How are you going to control your cravings?

What are you going to do about controlling your cravings? Especially when you’re changing your diet. It is sometimes so hard not to eat the foods that you would like to eat. For example, I’ve mentioned to somebody how much I love pink Starburst, and now pink Starburst is available in one big container, so you don’t have to sift through all the different types of Starburst. I’m thrilled. I love pink Starburst, except that a lovely person send me an entire container of pink Starbursts, and now I’m eating them endlessly.

How do you get rid of these cravings? One great idea. Don’t have the pink Starburst in your house. That’s going to stop you from getting into them when you’re having troubles. By not having the food you crave available to you, it would help you avoid getting into a bad situation that is unavoidable when your most craved food is just within arm’s reach.


Another great idea, is to make sure that you eat enough during your mealtimes. If you’re picking away at your healthy food at your meal times, then a few hours later, hunger is really going to hit. If your next mealtime is another couple of hours away, you’re going to find yourself making some bad decisions. Try to eat enough at mealtimes.


My best advice:

My favorite trick for curbing cravings, is to have a little delicious high-fat snack between meals.Tweet this!

My favorite high-fat snack is pistachios. I love pistachios between meals, because they’re hard to eat. You must open each individual shell and take out the nut. By the time, you fiddled with it and taken out the nut, it takes a little bit of time to get to these calories. You can mediate a bit on what you’re doing. Eat a little bit more slowly. Then, possibly eat a little bit less. You would feel more in control.

Those are my favorite ideas on how to control your cravings. Keep the pink Starburst or whatever drives you crazy out of your home. Eat enough during your meals and think about a nice high-fat snack like pistachios to tight you over between your bigger meals.

Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.


Dr. Mary Clifton

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