6 Great Snacking Ideas

Have you ever started snacking and then just found that you couldn’t stop? Suddenly, before you know it, you’ve eaten a ton more food than you expected to! All of us have been there. I have a great tip on how to prevent that and then

I have 6 great snacking ideas to curb snacking.

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If your problem is unhealthy snacking, I have the perfect solution for you. Grab a handful.

A lot of times when we start snacking we grab the bag of popcorn or a bag of chips or a whole container of carrots and we say, “I’m just going have a few and then I’ll put it away.” Then the hand just keeps reaching into that container and suddenly, before you know it, there’s a ton more calories than you ever expected to eat and a snack that’s turned into something more like a meal. It’s just very disappointing. Isn’t it?

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If you want more, grab another handful. Let me give you a whole bunch of great 100 calorie snack ideas. You want to know my favorite?

I love to snack on frozen green grapes. Have you ever tried that? – Tweet this!

When you get them and they’re juicy and big, freeze them. Take them off the vine, put them in a container and put them in the freezer.

They’re individually delicious and juicy and sweet and very easy to eat. Just one cup of frozen grapes and you’ll feel satisfied and full.

My other favorite snacks:

  1. 1/2 cup of applesauce with a half of an apple diced up inside so it’s like a chunky fresh take on store bought applesauce. You can also put a little cinnamon on that if you like.
  2. I love nuts. You can eat 22 pistachios for 100 calories, or you can eat 14 almonds.

[TIP] Whenever you’re choosing nuts always see if you can get the shell on because that’ll slow the rate at which you eat the nuts and it’ll bring them into your body slower and give you a happier, higher level of satiety and satisfaction.

  1. Enjoy baby corn. It’s delicious, fun to eat, it’s cute. 20 baby corns dipped in soy sauce is going to give you 100 perfect calories
  2. Finally, that infamous popcorn. Get 2 cups of popcorn, add a little stevia if you like sweet or a little drizzle of honey if you’re not perfectly plant-based and vegan. That works fine too. A little salt with a little sugar and you get that great kettle corn vibe and you’re off and running in great nutrition.

I hope that you can bring any of these great ideas on super good snacking into your life and get that body that you deserve, the body you crave.

I’ve got another great tip coming up soon. Keep coming back to my blog.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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