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I ran my first marathon this spring after doing most of my training in the cold, rainy spring of northern Minnesota.  I suppose now that I’ve run a marathon and gone to medical school, I can say that I’m tough, but not tough enough to train in the cold rain. I did the majority of my long training runs on the treadmill at the hospital or in the gym at my condo.

My husband (a 50 State Marathoner and my coach) told me to drink one mouthful of water for every mile I ran. This prevents dehydration and also prevents excess bathroom breaks along the route due to overhydration during the race. While I trained, I stopped each mile to drink one mouthful of water.

For the day before the race, I loaded up on antioxidant rich hibiscus tea to protect myself from free radical accumulation during my strenuous exertion. Prior to the race, I drank a few glasses of tea, and then followed the hydration rules during the race, drinking 2-3 big mouthfuls of water at each hydration station, located every two miles. I drank a bottle of water at the finish.

I felt great for most of the race, and passed clear to light yellow urine for the rest of the day.

How to Hydrate:

I recommend starting everyday with a (12 ounce) glass of water or a antioxidant rich hot or cold tea, such as Dragonfruit Devotion,  available at Teavana. Sip on another tea all morning while you do your work . Drink ice cold water before lunch, and choose another tea, water or coffee (depending on your energy level) in the afternoon. Drink another ice cold water just before dinner. Add extra  8 ounce portions of fluid if needed to assist the kidneys with additional detox or for each half hour of strenuous exertion.

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