It’s Miller Time!



We spend a lot of time here talking about what to eat, but there’s also a worthwhile discussion surrounding what to drink and how it affects your health. Large population based trials in the US have linked alcohol consumption with certain forms of cancer, especially breast cancer in women. However, in all of the longevity zones around the world, men and women who live long, productive lives consume alcohol routinely.

They don’t consume alcohol in large amounts, alone while watching TV late at night. They drink in social settings with their friends. Presumably this helps them to relax — I think we all have a level of social anxiety disorder that leads us to feel stressed in social settings, and drinking helps to alleviate that, enhancing the social experience.

What’s the best beer for Dad? The diets of Americans are so pitiful that beer represents the fifth largest source of antioxidants in the US.

Among macrobrews, Miller beats out Budweiser in antioxidant concentration. It’s not as good as herbal tea or wine, not by a long shot, but it’s as good as milk- pretty lousy. It’s mostly empty calories, so it must be the psychological benefit of regular drinking that leads to longevity.

Posted on by Mary Clifton, MD


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