Juice As A Meal Replacement?

I want to just help you think about how to position fruit juices in your diet in a way that isn’t going to take your diet apart, but instead really help you to supercharge your weight loss.

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton and I love helping people incorporate fruits and vegetables and healthy foods into their diet in a way that’s going to help you lose weight permanently and feel fantastic and finally live in the body you want.

Are fruit juices a problem for you? I personally love fruit juices. I know I’m not supposed to because

The whole fruit has so much more vital nutrients & fiber than its juice. Tweet this!

Take the average apple, for instance. You’re going to double your sugar and get seven times less fiber than a normal apple in apple juice. Less fiber, more sugar, less vital nutrients.

It’s not good for you. But if you’re crazy about fruit juices, let me give you a great suggestion.

Use a grapefruit juice as a healthy meal replacement. You can choose juices from companies that do cold-pressed super high-quality juices like the Raw Generation company. When you incorporate, in your diet, a great cold-pressed raw juice that is prepared properly for you, it’s going to have more nutrition, healthier, and loaded with more antioxidants.

It’s still not ever going to approximate the total fruit, but there are some things you can concentrate in juices that are also good for you, that are hard to concentrate in the whole fruit. If you like juices and you feel like you’re always having to beat yourself up because you can’t have the juices that you like, you know what? You don’t have to feel that way.

 Just use the juices, but incorporate them as meal replacements.Tweet this!

Sometimes you’re inclined for a meal replacement that’s a protein replacement; just doing a meal replacement with a juice lowers your overall daily calories. If a juice is something you’re really craving and it hits that sweet spot, then you’re really on track. It cuts your calories and you’ve gotten something that you’ve really craved.

I know this whole juice thing versus smoothies versus whole food is a little controversial, but fruit juice undoes a lot of people and positioning fruit juice as a meal replacement instead of as a supplement to an ordinary meal is going to help you get into that great body you’re looking for and still give you the fruit that you love.

If you have any questions or comments, this topic is a little controversial, put your questions below and I’d be happy continue the conversation.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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