Make Your Dentist and Your Scale Happy!

Are you looking for a healthy, flavorful way to distract yourself when you’re getting hungry so you don’t eat more food? I love healthy distractions. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton. I have helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight with excellent nutrition and great healthy tips like the one I’m going to share with you.

If you’re having trouble eating food because you’re just popping into the kitchen all the time at night, brush your teeth. If your mouth feels minty fresh and clean, you’re going to be much less likely to go into the kitchen and screw up that great feeling and that pleasant taste by eating something.


Let’s be honest, a lot of the processed food, when it’s mixed with minty fresh, just doesn’t taste that good. It’ll be a lot easier to avoid some unhealthy food if you brush your teeth and keep your mouth minty fresh.

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You already have all the tools in your home, and if you brush your teeth one or two more times a day, you’re going to make your dentist happy, not to mention your boyfriend when he’s getting up to kiss you.

Enjoy this great new tip!

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