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Hi, everyone. I’m so glad to have another chance to visit with you.

One thing I just can’t stand is cooking and getting gross garlic smell all over my hands; not being able to get rid of it. It’s hard to cut garlic because it sticks on your knife. Did that ever happen to you? Ready for a good plan for cutting your garlic much more effectively?

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton and I’m the founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. I would like to share with you two great kitchen tools that I cannot live without. Bonus: I have a great recipe to share.

My favorite is my Joseph, Joseph garlic press.Tweet this!

It’s full of these gorgeous little holes. What you do is take your garlic clove, peel it, and then put it on your cutting board and you just roll it back and forth. This gadget will totally manage your garlic. It minces it just like that, all by itself.

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You don’t even need to get your hands on the garlic at all. I love this tool. Get one for yourself. It is stainless steel so you can wipe your fingers on the ends of it and it’ll pull any bad odor out of your fingers from onions or garlic while you’re cooking.

I love my microplane. It is very inexpensive, at Williams & Sonoma. It’ll zest your lemons, oranges or grapefruit or whatever citrus you’re trying to get a little more flavor out of. Make sure your citrus is organic because there are lot of pesticides concentrated in the peels of citrus fruits.

If you really want to pop the flavor of your food and you’ve squeezed enough lemons but you really feel like you’d like to get a full lemon flavor, get your zester out and just zest the entire peel. Your kitchen needs, if you don’t have it yet, the garlic press and a zester. I think these are just great no matter how you slice them. 

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Thinking about switching into consuming less meat? A great sauce makes such a big difference when you’re in the process of moving off meat. I’ve just found this delicious sauce recipe, one of my favorites; all you need is three ingredients. Some jalapenos, capers, and some rice wine vinegar. Just take your jalapeno and slice it thin. If you like it hot leave the seeds, if you don’t take the seeds out. You’re going to have to really wash your hands well. The stainless steel will get the odor out of your hands but it won’t get the heat so don’t stick your finger in your eye when you’ve got jalapeno oil on it.

Slice your jalapeno thin. I would de-seed it. Let it soak in two tablespoons of rice vinegar just to soften it up for about 10 minutes. Then, add two tablespoons of capers and that’s it. You’ve got this salty, spicy, delicious sauce. If you’re eating fish or chicken or beef you could add the sauce on top. You could also add it on top of tofu, if you’re trying to convert to more of a plant based diet. You can just add it on top of beans and rice.

Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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