Not Hungry for Breakfast? Don’t Eat It!

Have you been trying to lose weight by making sure you get a good breakfast to start your day, but you don’t feel like that’s necessarily helping? You’re probably not the only one.

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I specialize in helping people lose weight with plant-based nutrition.

In a interesting German study (check the link to the scientific study below), the researchers followed almost 400 people with their food diaries for two weeks and found out that the people who ate breakfast, they actually ended up eating more calories during the day.

Even though we used to think that breakfast was protective against eating more calories the day,

It turns out that eating breakfast just increases the total caloric intake.Tweet this!

If you wake up in the morning and you’re not particularly hungry for breakfast, what should you do? Don’t eat.

If you’re hungry for breakfast, eat a small amount of a healthy food like

and see how that makes you feel, you might be able to get to lunch on a surprisingly small number of calories or you might be able to delay breakfast until the mid-morning snack.

If you limit the amount of intake you get in the morning, you’re going to limit your total daily intake, and you’re going to get the body that you want quicker, especially with all the other hard work that you’re doing.

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Dr. Mary Clifton

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