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Do You Have Trouble Managing Your Sweet Tooth?

Do you have trouble managing your sweet tooth? I do, too.

I have some great reasons why you should manage your sweet tooth. I also have a couple of terrific tips to help you do it properly.

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight with Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. Not only did they lose weight, but they feel and look fantastic.

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Added sugars are everywhere. Everywhere. They’re even in our pasta sauce. They’re in your salad dressings. It’s so hard to avoid them, but it’s critical to look for those added sugars and pull them out. Added sugars increase cardiovascular risk of stroke and heart attack. They also increase your risk for obesity, so get them out of your diet and get yourself healthier.

The best way to do it? Find naturally containing high-sugar foods. Find the foods that naturally are high in healthy sugars. When they’re high in healthy sugars, they’re also high in other products that allow the sugar to absorb more slowly, like fiber or other structures within fruit.



That’s the big secret. If you want to get rid of that sweet tooth, switch it over to fruit. Tweet this!



You can start with high-sugar containing fruits like grapes and pineapple,. Then eventually you can move over to melons, and all kinds of other things that are less sugary, but are still going to hit that sweet tooth for you.

Make sure that you remove all that crazy bakery. This is so important to get out of your diet as soon as you possibly can. Anything white, see if you can push it out. Then replace it with a super good whole grain. With fruits and whole grains, you’re going to be right on track to lose all the weight that you want to lose, and stay at a nice, healthy weight without a big hassle.

Thanks for getting healthy with me, and have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

Stephanie Conlan, Sarasota FL

Stephanie attends the meetings in Sarasota Florida each Saturday, and credits the weekly inspiration to helping her stay on track. She’s a single mom with a one-year-old but has still managed to find great success with the Get Waisted program.

She has lost over 16 pounds in less than two months, and has also noticed many other side effects of following the GW program – for starters, her skin is glowing and more vibrant. She also says her mood is much improved and she has noticed a domino effect of positivity, making the weight loss process easier.

She says it’s easier to be healthy now, and she’s staying motivated by seeing all the great changes. Since she’s feeling better, and isn’t as stressed, she’s also finding she doesn’t need to drink or “stress eat” like she used to.

Go Stephanie go!!

Stanley and Martha, Florida

This wonderful couple went vegan about ten years ago, using a program similar to Get Waisted. Honestly, what can we even say about them, that their before and after pictures don’t tell? They are the picture of vibrant health and wellness now, and they both stay very active—and would you guess they’re in their 80s??! They look twenty years younger than they did ten years ago! What an inspiring couple!

Reen, Pacific NW

Reen is 81 years old, and is one of our online members. She lost 11 lbs. her first two weeks, then 3 lbs. her third week. She did have a minor setback her fourth week, with no more pounds lost, but she called into the Wednesday weekly meeting to get help making adjustments. After that, she was then able to get off more of her medications and started losing weight again—three pounds lost for week five! Great job, Reen!!
She says: “I don’t find it hard at all to stick with. It just suits me. I think this must be the way God intended us to eat.”


Vicki is a member of our Get Waisted Northwest group, and attends local meetings held by Rene’ Steelman. She came to us 7 months ago. She was a vegetarian and struggled with allergies. Vickie has lost over 25lbs. and adjusts the menu according to her food allergies. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and knows her foods, but she needed the GW program to give her structure. She is such a great example to her family and for all of us!

Denise DeSerio

“I attend Get Waisted meetings in Madison, WI, and the change in my numbers has been incredible! Old numbers are from 2009, when I was vegetarian but not vegan: Total cholesterol went from 192 to 172. HDL went from 39 to 88! LDL went from 94 to 88! And best of all? My triglycerides went from a troubling 193 to a very healthy 81!!! And I’ve lost 30 lbs. so far! Thank you Get Waisted!”

Tamara S.

“When I was maybe only about eleven years old I started having weight issues. I fought to keep my weight in control using various diet programs, pills, powders, drinks, bars, various books, group support programs, but not long after I got married, I really lost the fight and my weight climbed and climbed until I refused to get on the scales after it said 250 lbs!  So actually I really don’t know how heavy I got.  I don’t have a picture of me at my highest weight.  Being so heavy, I didn’t like my picture being taken.

I really struggled with emotional eating.  Due to various challenges in my life and bad coping skills, emotional eating was my escape (not a good one, but anyhow.)  I know what it is like to struggle with eating disorders. 

I had purchased so many diet books.  I tried Susan Summers’ diet books, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Herb-a-life, Slim-fast, Sugar busters, T-factor, various pills and other things (I can’t even remember the names of them all anymore.  It has been over a decade now!)

But one day I went to a program that talked about how to get control of every area of your life according to the Bible. The program is very similar to the one recommended by the team at Get Waisted.  I was very interested.  So the very next day, I cleaned out my fridge and freezer (was doing Atkins!) and I went shopping for some fruits, veggies, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice and some natural nut butters (without added oils or sugar).

I have stuck with this program for about 13 years now.  The weight came off quickly.  I have a lot more energy.  I am able to think more clearly.

My husband has also joined me and we are so happy.  It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and it is a blessing. We are eating what God first designed for us to eat.

Pam Grant

Pam is a member of our Get Waisted Northwest group, and attends local meetings held by Rene’ Steelman. She has to rise at 4:30 am every morning to take the bus. She is a Type II diabetic and has to watch her blood sugar. She and her husband Ed have been following the program since March. In spite of holidays, family gatherings, and vacations, she recently celebrated a 35 lb. weight loss, eliminating some of her medications, and completed her first 5K ever! Congratulations Pam!

Jean Anderson, Manistee, MI

“I was one of Dr. Mary’s patients in Michigan. I’ve lost 30 pounds on your Get Waisted program, and couldn’t be happier! Because I told my husband I wasn’t going to cook separate meals, he ended up reaping the benefits too. He’s off all his cholesterol and diabetes medication and has lost 50 pounds! He’s doing great and his cardiologist says he’s a model patient. Thank you so much!”

Edward Gross from Tampa, Florida

“I have been following a vegan diet similar to the Get Waisted program for only two months, and I’ve totally reversed my diabetes – plus I’m already down thirty pounds!”

Kae Borrero from Florida

“If you are worried if this diet is healthy, you can just quit worrying about that. I have been eating a diet similar to Get Waisted for 30 years. I’m 64 years old and I don’t even have a doctor. I enjoy excellent health and have limitless energy.”

Mary Anne Reno

“After my weight hit 250 and above, I didn’t have any of the usual health problems, the blood pressure, the diabetes.. But one thing was, I couldn’t hold my urine because there was so much weight on my bladder. I couldn’t walk more than 150 feet without feeling winded.

That was the ah-ha moment.

You hear stories about people who haven’t left their house in years and they weigh 600 pounds and you wonder how that can happen. And it hit me that that was where I was headed.”

Listen to Mark Clifton’s BananaPhone interview with Mary Anne.

Libby (Grand Rapids, MI)

I’m thrilled to have lost 20 lbs in the past few months on the Get Waisted Program and can’t believe how close I already am to my ideal weight!

I couldn’t have done it without our local Director Kim’s enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as the group’s weekly support. The plant-based recipes we share and the weekly discussion topics really helped me to establish better eating habits. Now, I’m eating delicious and healthy food and I feel great…Thank you so much!

Brian Ciesielczyk

For years I dealt with nagging health issues. My weight fluctuated a lot and I remember being tired frequently. Medically, I suffered from gout and BPH.

For about three years I started experimenting with plant-based diets. Every time I focused more on eating plants, I felt better. So, for the past six months, I’ve been pretty strict with the plants. Dairy is now out of my diet, but I will eat a piece of fish once in a while.

Although my physician claims diet doesn’t impact the effects of BPH, I know it’s made a big difference. All my urinary issues have been cured. And my gout is no longer an issue.

One of the biggest changes is that I have more energy. I find myself spending the extra momentum cooking vegan food. Some of my favorites include black bean burgers and tofu with vegetables.

Along the way my wife observed the positive changes to my health. Recently she gave up milk and indicated that it has helped with her stomach issues.

When I started this, I really didn’t think I could do it. Now, there’s no way I would go back.

I don’t miss the meat or dairy. Walking by the grocery store meat freezers disgusts me now; it’s been a profound change.

Janet Bushby

I’ve tried to lose weight all my life. Along the way I participated in just about every weight loss program out there. Some worked and some didn’t. However, one thing (the programs) all had in common is that they were exhausting. I’d lose the weight and then gain it right back, plus more. In many cases I’d do the same program two or three times.

The weight affected all areas of my life. Physically I struggled with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was always low on energy and didn’t look forward to eating the food I prepared. Emotionally the weight took its toll. I kept to myself a lot and spent quite a bit of time being unhappy.

Things changed, however, when I adopted a plant based eating program. The weight came off, and stayed off.

Currently I am down 117 pounds. My cholesterol is 178 (and continues to fall). My diabetes is under control and I am working to get off my blood pressure medication.

My friends and relatives constantly compliment and congratulate me. I don’t feel like hiding anymore. In many cases, I find myself much more out-going. Overall, I’m much happier and more confident.

Zumba is something I’ve become very fond of. I do it nine times a week. I love it! I have so much energy now and never feel like I’m dieting. I really am healthier!

Along the way God has blessed me with many wonderful friends. They have a special place in my life and I am very thankful for all of them.

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