Preventing Cold Sores.


I bet in addition to treating your cold sores, you’d like to know how to prevent a cold sore in the first place. Well, I have some tips for you.

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Everyone is always talking about stress. That’s true. Certainly, stress would bring on your cold sores. Mostly because of the impact on your immune system.

Sometimes people, when they’re under stress, eat really bad food because they don’t feel good. In the process of trying to feel better you may eat things like potato chips, crunchy things, or unhealthy things that give you that boost to your energy level in the short term, but they also drive the immune system down in the long term.

When you’re having trouble with stress and anxiety,

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Avoid facials because when you’re busy picking at your face and doing a lot of disruption and aggravation along the lip line, that will certainly help to bring on a cold sore.

Finally, think about using sunscreen on your lips. You can get a great lipstick and lip gloss that has a nice SPF 30 or higher sunscreen because a lot of people claim that sun exposure brings out their cold sores.

Finally, don’t insist on throwing out all of your lipsticks and buying brand new lipsticks every time you have a cold sore. A Herpes virus doesn’t live for very long off the human body. When it gets cold or if it’s cleaned with soap and water, it would easy to kill the virus. If you’ve used your lipsticks during a cold sore outbreak, and you put it away for a day or two, you’re not going to be at any risk of getting additional cold sore problems from that tube of lipstick.

Good luck! I hope we’re able to help you prevent your cold sore and help treat it quickly when it comes on.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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