Saving Daylight in the Kitchen


Need some ways to save time in the kitch? Want to cook up a healthy lifestyle, but not sure how to fit it into your busy schedule? Here are some of my favorite tips!

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Avoid plastic wrap disasters. Store the roll in the fridge to store leftovers with less of a hassle. Chilling the wrap makes it easier to transport it from the roll to your bowl.

Choose a new food covering. Shower caps are not limited to the bathroom. Cover leftovers with a fresh cap (right in their dishes) to keep bugs and unidentifiable particles from tainting food. They’re reusable and a helluva lot easier than repeatedly removing and replacing plastic wrap or tin foil.

Easily scoop out seeds. Remove seeds from vegetables such as squash and pumpkin with an ice cream scoop. Because the edge of the scoop is sharp, it cuts through the fibery, gooey stuff inside the squash easier than your hand or a regular spoon can.

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Peel that papery skin from ginger. Ditch the peeler in favor of a spoon to peel ginger root.

Pit and peel an avocado with just paring knife. Cut an avocado into quarters length-wise to break the fruit from the pit (once it’s down to the last section, you can just pop the pit right off). Run a knife under the tip of skin on each section, then peel it off like a banana.

De-kernel a cob of corn without having to deep clean the kitchen. Use a bundt pan to slice corn kernels off the cob. Place the pointy end of the cob on the center hole of the pan (with the open part of the pan facing up) and gently slice downward. The pan acts double duty as both a stand and a kernel collector.

Deal with hard-to-open jars. To open a stuck jar lid, wrap the lid with a rubber band and give it another try. The band will provide extra traction. If that’s still not enough (or your hands hurt too much), cover the rubberbanded top with a dishtowel, and try again.

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Cut cherry tomatoes in half all at once. Cut cherry or grape tomatoes in half with ease by placing them between two lids. Gently slice horizontally through the bunch of tomatoes while pressing down the top lid for perfectly halved tomatoes. What kind of lids? Anything works! Large yogurt container lids or Tupperware tops are two good options.

Don’t flip out. You don’t always have to flip. When roasting items such as French fries and veggies, pre-heat your cookie sheet. Then your goodies will immediately start cooking from both sides.

Bonus: Remove garlic, onion or other icky smells from your hands by rubbing them with lemon juice, baking soda, or my personal favorite, stainless steel. When you touch stainless steel, the molecules in the steel bind with the nasty causing molecules.

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Dr. Mary Clifton is the co-founder of GW and an internal medicine specialist MD. She loves finding fun shortcuts in the kitchen and helping our members achieve success in their health and weight loss goals. Join today and receive free personalized coaching from one of our experts!

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