Spring – The Season of Possibility


By Anastacia Norris, Get Waisted Grand Traverse Director

spring time

Change. Four quarters for a dollar. Five singles for a five. Lose ten pounds. Lose a habit that no longer serves you.

We often seek a touchstone to which we can aspire to change. The drive may begin with one’s birthday, the New Year, the new moon, the Tuesday before you start your new job, or even after a breakup. One common motivator is spring. Some climes transform from arctic blasts with epic snow hills to timid grasses and violets making a jailhouse break. Others require that one only need switch from jacket to shirtsleeves. Still, we share the enthusiasm to transform and make amends for past transgressions, real or imagined.

What’s the best way to make the transition? As individuals, we each seek different outcomes and go at our own pace.  Some of us are sprinters, some are long distance runners, and others like to walk slowly.

Spring allows it all.

Which speed functions most efficiently for you?  Be mindful when you need to shift tracks. How? You can speed up, or slow down—or take another course altogether.

Spring allows it all.

Your spring renewal encompasses so much. The physical can include time at the gym, the trails, biking, hikes, gardening, spring cleaning, and so much more.

On a spiritual note, you can rejuvenate with a personal or group meditation practice. There are many books to read, journals to fill, volunteer opportunities, and yoga classes to attend. You can nourish yourself in so many ways.

Spring allows it all.

Don’t be afraid to delay gratification. That ice cream cone may or may not look so good in ten minutes. Also, your ideal goal may or may not look so good in two weeks. Be kind. Be patient. Be strong, but always be loving with yourself!

Spring allows it all.

Anastacia Norris leads Get Waisted meetings in Traverse City, MI. After the long, cold winters in upper Michigan, spring is her favorite time of year!

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