Steps ahead… and don’t forget to make time to exercise!



Steps ahead

As you progress beyond your 28 Day Reset Revolution, be sure that you continue to set aside some time each weekend for scheduling and planning. Write down what you’ve learned and examine your current situation for things that can contribute to your success or failure. Once you’ve thought about the week ahead in this way, you will be ready to create the action plan.

Here’s a little reminder about the most important things in the program as you prepare to move forward with more independence and less daily support and encouragement. Don’t worry – you can always come to the Facebook Group for more love and advice from others in the Revolution.


Do you need more information on exercise to keep you on track with adding routine exercise into your life for good? Look to Teddy Roosevelt for inspiration. His image immediately conjures strength and power, but it wasn’t always that way.

When he was just a little guy, Teddy was thin and often sick. His parents worried that he wouldn’t make it. Teddy eventually realized, with the help of his father, that he needed to have both a strong mind and strong, healthy body if he hoped to have the influence he saw in the men he admired. With that in mind, he began exercising daily, eating properly, and, well… the rest is history. He lived with remarkable influence and power.

Exercise is one of those high-leverage activities that most of us don’t do consistently because it isn’t urgent. By not eating properly and avoiding regular exercise, sooner or later valuable time is spent dealing with health crises that come as a natural result of that neglect.

I think it is truly the most boring conversation, listening to my elderly aunts and uncles share their stories about their most recent medical intervention or the newest drug they’ve added to their list. I would so much rather be talking about the cute squirrel I saw on my hike, or the sunset I watched after my hike. A life spent counting out my pills and awaiting my next intervention with my cardiologist or oncologist is not the life for me!

If you think you don’t have time to continue to exercise, the reality is, you don’t have time not to.

You never need to be an amateur athlete. Just 32 minutes 5 days per week will get you everything you need. 2 ½ hours per week will dramatically impact the other 165 hours per week.

But don’t stop there. There are so many ways to Cheat the System:

Short bursts of exercise all day long

Standing and walking for two minutes for each one hour of desk work

Developing a habit of fidgeting while at your desk

Standing desks or treadmill desks

Don’t start by investing in special equipment. Gyms and equipment are an added opportunity but they are not necessary at all.

A healthy musculoskeletal system is a balance of strength and flexibility.

Especially as you age, strength without flexibility leads to high risk of the “weekend warrior” syndrome of tendon tears and ruptures. Keep your body flexible with regular stretching, and strong with isometric exercises that use your own body weight to make you stronger, like push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats.

Cardio adds strength and endurance, and is soooo good for a gal who is trying to be as lean as possible. Do the isometric exercises or weights first if you are adding them, so you have the energy to put into that activity before you wear yourself out on the bike or treadmill.

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