Tempted? Look away!

Are you tempted to eat really yummy food when you see it? Does looking at it just make you want to eat it? I have a couple of great tips to help you with that. I’m Dr. Mary Clifton, and I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight with Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution. Here’s a new tip to help you manage situations where you just feel out of control when you’re around super, delicious food.

I’ve spent many years working with Eli Lilly as a consultant, and I’ve been all over this country helping doctors manage osteoporosis. I’ve worked with a bunch of amazing, very committed sales people that helped bone health everywhere.

There was a sales person, I worked with in Indiana, who was tiny. I mean just a whisper of a person, and she worked on her diet simply by looking away. She would say to me,

“If you’re hungry, and you’re thinking about food, and all you want to do is eat food, what you should do is just look away.”

When I catch myself, and I’m working on my weight, I realize I’ve been overeating a little bit. I see something I like, and I do end up just staring at it and thinking about it. Her advice is brilliant and is supported by studies.

When food is in your line of vision, it’s more likely that you’re going to eat it. Tweet this!

So, put the unhealthy food away. In addition, go ahead and put the healthy food away because your brain tricks you in almost a negative way similarly with healthy food.

Even though they turned brown, you didn’t eat them, you threw them in the garbage, simply by seeing them repeatedly, and thinking about them repeatedly, you somehow think they got in you. But they didn’t.

Seeing unhealthy food stimulates your appetite for unhealthy food.Tweet this!

When you’re at a party, face away from the food table. At a mall, at a bakery, just face away, and have a conversation that doesn’t relate to the food, and then before you know it, you’ll be back into a situation that’s not quite as crazy and tempting as the one you just left.

Don’t look. There’s nothing to see here. Look away, and enjoy the great body you’re going to live in when you don’t give into all those crazy temptations.

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