Transform Nope to Hope


By GW Morristown, TN Director Sean Cordry

Samantha’s eyes just barely peek over the countertop. With face-scrunching effort, she extends her arm over the counter, armpit to edge, reaching as far as possible. She squints one brown eye and curls her tongue out the side of her mouth as she rises onto tip-toes for an extra boost. Her wiggling fingers tickle the plate of No Will Power Cookies but cannot snag it.

no will power cookies 1

With a huff, she pulls away and rubs her arm. Her mom turns around, drying her hands on a towel. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m too short,” Samantha says, crossing tiny arms across her chest. “I just can’t reach things on the counter.”

Laughing kindly, her mom says, “Not yet. You can’t reach them now, but you will.” One of the most powerful phrases in the English language is “not yet.” Samantha’s mother uses the phrase “not yet” to remind her little one that she’s still growing. I use “not yet” to encourage my Tae Kwon Do students and my Get Waisted clients. These two words almost magically transform “nope” into “hope.” It may only be one letter, but it’s a whole world of difference. We’re all in a process of becoming; none of us is stagnant. The phrase “not yet” reminds us that we are on a journey.

step by step

We can tap into this power simply by adding the word “yet” to our inner monologue. See what a difference it makes here:

– I can’t fit into these jeans – yet.
– My blood pressure isn’t down – yet.
– I can’t jog two miles – yet.

It’s a subtle semantic shift for the judge in our head, but what a profound outcome it has in how we feel about ourselves.

This week, try using the power of “not yet” in your life to switch from “nope” to hope.”

Sean Cordry was inspired by this video and his Get Waisted members. Despite being a great role model, he hasn’t reached every single one of his goals – yet. 

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