Treating Cold Sores.


Are you feeling that itching and burning of a cold sore coming on, and you want to prevent it from getting worse? I don’t blame you.

There are a few great natural ways that you can treat or prevent cold sores.Tweet this!

It appears that if you make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it to the cold sore, that’ll shorten the duration and decrease the intensity in some people.

Some people also like to use a vanilla extract in a cotton ball. Just a little cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract will help. For some people, licorice extract seems to work, too. But for a lot of people, none of those really work. That’s when I like to prescribe antiviral regimens.

A lot of my patients can take a Valtrex or an acyclovir right at the onset of the itching and burning, and cut off the duration of the cold sore significantly.

Studies surrounding these medications say that you can decrease the duration of cold sore from 8 to 12 days all the way down to five days with just a short dosing period. But for some of my patients, if they take it early enough, they don’t have to have a cold sore at all.

If you’re suffering with a lot of cold sores, I hope you might consider this therapy. Try it – both the natural remedies and the prescription remedies.

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Dr. Mary Clifton

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