What I Ate After the Marathon

After I ran 33,000 steps a few weeks ago, I knew exactly what I was going to eat.
In Burlington, Vermont, there’s a restaurant called The Skinny Pancake, full of savory and sweet crepes.http://skinnypancake.com/
I love crepes. I started eating them in medical school, when my friend Sandra would make them with diced mangoes and dulce de leche. After the run, I settled in for a big lunch. I ate a veggie burger that I shared with my daughter, and every single french fry with extra salt and ketchup. Then I ate my very own crepe, no sharing, loaded with bananas and Nutella. Perfectly sweet amazingness, down to the very last bite.  It was my own personal holiday, complete with a feast.
Then, before I left the restaurant and prepared for a long ride home, I got a side order of quinoa salad and fruit to go, along with a large hot tea.  I only burned an estimated 2000 calories during the race, and I had consumed that with my lunch. So it was back to the old eating program that evening.
It’s not what you eat on Thanksgiving or your birthday that is leading to poor health or excess weight. It’s the daily choices that undo health.  So if it’s a special day, feel free to cut loose and live it up a bit. Every single person should, and everyone does. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by a splurge. Go for a long walk, or take five minutes to rest and breathe. Talk yourself off the ledge, or call your Director. The important choices are the ones you make everyday.
Posted on by Mary Clifton, MD


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