Whatever Goes Down Must Come Back Up.

Does what go down always have to come back up? Are you just doomed to regain the weight you lost after you had a significant weight loss? No, not really.

I’m Dr. Mary Clifton. I’m the founder of Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, and I’ve helped thousands of people lose their weight and keep it off. I’ll be able to do that with you, too. Losing weight is really interesting, because your body changes when you’ve gained weight. When you lose weight, you have three major physiologic changes that are sort of surprising and contribute to you persistently holding on to that weight.

It’s considered an energy gap. Now, you would expect your lepton and your metabolic rate to be lower at rest, to lower when you’ve lost weight, just because you’re a smaller person. However, the decreases are more substantial than we would have predicted based on body mass reduction alone.

The thermic effects of food, the amount of heat that the food produces for your body, is different after you’ve lost weight.

Unfortunately, there’s an increase in energy efficiency, too. So after weight loss, when you exert yourself, you’re actually burning fewer calories than you exerted when you were bigger.

That’s sort of expected, because if you’re carrying around 50 extra pounds, when you exert yourself, you’re going to burn more calories. So, losing that weight is going to result in less calories burned with exertion. Unfortunately, it’s even less energy expenditure than you were thinking.

The great news is, the diet that we promote at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution, a super-healthy, high-protein, plant-based diet is going to lower your glycemic index of your food, increase the protein content, and increase fiber, all of which has been show to promote ongoing cytoity and good health, even after you’ve achieved the weight loss. It’ll help you sustain the weight loss, and you feel so fantastic on this diet.

The higher energy expenditure is really no problem. Maintaining that weight loss, after you lose it? Critical stuff. When you go on something like a shake program, that’s part of the reason that the shakes are not successful completely in the long-term. They’re super-helpful while you’re trying to lose weight, and in truth, super helpful for maintenance.

Rely on some of those shakes a little and then rely on the dietary modifications. – Tweet this!

Get those proteins modified. Choose different carbohydrates. Get yourself in a really, super-healthy, strong, fit body, that you’re going to love for life, and join me at Dr. Mary’s Reset Revolution.

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Thanks for joining me; have a wonderful day.

Dr. Mary Clifton

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